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Corbett Tiger Reserve is one of a very few Tiger Reserves in India that allows guests to stay overnight inside the park’s boundaries, offering a greatly enhanced opportunity for early morning 4x4 drives or elephant-back safaris.

Of the four zones in Corbett which permit entry to tourists, the Forest Rest-houses in the Dhikala and Bijrani zones offer the best facilities for overnight stays including canteens and backup electrical capacity.In addition the historic rest-house bungalows are tucked away in some of the most enchantingly picturesque settings within the park.

Corbett Tiger Reserve boasts a wide array ofrare fauna such as three species of otter and many other fascinating mammals, all kinds of deer and other ungulates such asserow and nilgai, King cobras, giant river turtles and the enormous fish-eating gharial crocodiles, not forgetting one of the highest tiger densities on the planet.

The reserve’s 1288 square kilometers adjoin with neighboring reserve forests and wildlife sanctuaries forming the perhaps the largest and most crucial band of forest and wild habitat of the great Himalayanfoothills. Dominated by the tall hardwood Sal tree with a great diversity of other semi tropical floral compositions these forests offer perhaps the most crucial and viable chance for the long-term survival of the Bengal Tiger.Corbett’s vast open grasslands surrounded by towering wooded hills and bisected by the meandering Ramganga River are also the perfect backdrop to observe and photograph herds of wild Asian elephants.

Our guided wildlife tours give wildlife photographers and wildlife enthusiasts the chance to view the reserves showcase species whilst sensitively respecting the diverse and natural landscape that befits the experience of entering the tiger’s home forest. This privilege is extended even further when staying at Vanghat as due to the lodge’s unique location guided explorations within the reserve by foot are permitted, something not allowed in any other Tiger Reserve or National Park.

Please feel free to request tailor-made itineries to optimize every schedule depending on how many days you wish to stay.

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