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  • Vanghat - Where conservation meets tourism.
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  • woke up one morning to find tiger footprints right outside his hut…
    Mint (weekend edition of the Hindustan Times)
  • Vanghat lies in total seclusion with the meandering Ramganga virtually cutting it off from human habitation
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  • plenty of other wildlife too – from curious otters that come to check you out to the odd sambhar passing by..
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  • Nine villages made direct beneficiaries in the landmark community based tourism initiative
    Furs, Fins and Feathers
  • One of the most isolated jungle lodges in India, Vanghat is truly breathtaking
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Working with our environment

When the area was first taken over in 1999, the land had degenerated due to the large number of cattle that were once grazed here and was overrun with the prolific invasive plant species, lantana. Even before the cottages of Vanghat were constructed, the first step was habitat restoration. Indigenous broad-leafed saplings and fruit trees were been planted specially to attract all manner of birds and today almost 5000 plants have converted Vanghat's setting into a riverine paradise, once again rich with mammal and avian species that blends into the protected reserve area which we see ourselves as an extension of.

Being situated within a valley, the lodge exists along a natural wildlife corridor, so having the lowest possible impact local wildlife is paramount. With no fencing and outdoor lighting limited to candles and a camp fire, Vanghat often sees wandering groups of elephant pass gracefully right through the property. That these giants now arrive in herds rather than as solitary bulls as seen in the past is testimony to our work on regenerating the wilderness. Other herbivores have increased too as a result of which we now see carnivore such as tiger and leopard, with pug marks and alarm calls from various deer species an almost daily occurrence.

We are continuing to find new ways to make Vanghat as environmentally friendly as possible. We encourage our guests to drink RO filtered water instead of bottled, use of as much local produce as possible in the creation of our wholesome and varied meals and have equipped our cottages with energy saving fans instead of air condition. Toiletries provided are all organic and biodegradable. We are also working towards obtaining as much electricity as we can from solar panels. Our walking safaris are of low impact by their very nature and our golden masher catch-and-release fishing twinned with it's community element has proved to be more than sustainable; the mantra of 'take only photographs, leave only footprints' is certainly fitting at Vanghat!

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